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also known as FilthySmithereen
Contact: evilynn @ goldenocarina . com

also known as NaughtySmithereen
Contact: sarinira @ goldenocarina . com



Golden Ocarina was started in late May 2004 as a site dedicated to the games Golden Sun and the Legend of Zelda, hence its name. Later on in the summer of 2006 it was changed to a site containing information about many different games as well as many different
J-rock bands and artists. This to make the site bigger and more interesting.

Eventually the two of us started losing our ambitions for the site, in which it became very rarely updated and had little to no visits. This resulted in its shut down at the end of 2009.
Only just recently (October 2012) the two of us realized that we quite missed having our own website, somewhere to ramble on about our interests and upload anything we might write or make that could have a place on a little site. And with a forum where anyone is free to join and hang out if they so wish.

This caused us to shorten the list of games we write about to only the three franchises we're most familiar with and remove the J-rock section completely. And also give ourselves freedom to upload any sorts of graphics we might create as well as ramble on about whatever we might have some interest in at the given time. Whether music, movies, books or whatnot. No boundaries.
We hope this will result in Golden Ocarina becoming our fun little hobby again, just like it once was. :)