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Final Fantasy VII was the first of the Final Fantasy series to have a more futuristic setting, and is one of the best-selling videogames of all time.

Final Fantasy VII begins in the city of Midgar, the city where the headquarters of ShinRa is located. ShinRa is a big company that is using the life energy of the planet in order to produce electricity, heat and other things. A small rebel group calling themselves AVALANCHE are attempting to stop ShinRa by destroying the reactors that are used to suck up the energy.

The game starts off with Cloud Strife, an ex-SOLDIER (SOLDIER being ShinRa's elite special forces) who's now a mercenary who has agreed to help AVALANCHE in exchange for money. During one mission Cloud is separated from the others as he falls down into one of the 'slums', places where the lower class people live in Midgar, with the higher class living on 'plates' above them. When Cloud wakes he meets Aerith who attempts to help him back to the others, but before they get there ShinRa decides to drop the plate above the area AVALANCHE lives in, killing several of its members. Luckily some of them survive, including Clouds childhood friend Tifa who's also part of the group, but right when Cloud meets with the remaining members of AVALANCHE, Aerith is captured and taken to ShinRa's headquarters. Cloud goes along with AVALANCHE to rescue her.
Whilst they're inside the headquarters Sephiroth, another SOLDIER thought to be dead, shows up and murders the president. Sephiroth's goal is to become a God and control the planet. So once AVALANCHE manages to escape, they set out to both stop ShinRa and Sephiroth, and Cloud agrees to become a member of AVALANCHE in order to solve the questions he has concerning Sephiroth as well as his own past.

JP: January 31, 1997
NA: September 7, 1997
EU: November 14, 1997
AUS: November 14, 1997
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JP: April 9, 2009
NA: June 2, 2009
EU: June 4, 2009
AUS: June 4, 2009



Final Fantasy VII has spawned both prequels and sequels, altogether called the 'Compilation of Final Fantasy VII'. Some of them are written about below.


Crisis Core is the prequel of Final Fantasy VII, it was released for PSP and tells the story of the SOLDIER Zack Fair, starting seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. In this game the protagonist is Genesis, a SOLDIER that betrays Shinra and attempts to attack the Headquarters. Zack follows orders and fights against Genesis whilst also trying to figure out why Genesis is doing this. The story continues through all the way til right before the start of Final Fantasy VII.

JP: September 13, 2007
NA: March 25, 2008
EU: June 20, 2008
AUS: June 20, 2008



Advent Children is a CGI-animated movie. The story occurs 2 years after the end of Final Fantasy VII, with Cloud still being a troubled man, trying to find a way to forgive himself for his many failures. When three mysterious, silver haired men show up looking for Jenova and kidnapping orphans whilst searching, Cloud must once again fight to stop them and save the children, as well as the planet.

Square Enix first released Advent Children on DVD in 2005, but in 2009 they released another version with over 30 minutes of extra content on Blu-ray called Advent Children Complete.

JP: September 14, 2005
NA: April 25, 2006
EU: April 24, 2006
AUS: May 3, 2006
JP: April 16, 2009
NA: June 2, 2009
EU: October 8, 2009




Dirge of Cerberus is a shooting game where the story takes place another year after Advent Children, and centers around
Vincent Valentine.
An unknown group of Deepground SOLDIERS who were trapped below Midgar for 3 years invades Kalm while Vincent is on a visit there. Vincent is pursued by their elite members claiming they need Vincent in order to call forth the final WEAPON, Omega, which they need in order to destroy the planet. This results in Vincent once again having to fight for the planet, and he has to look back into his troubled past along the way.

Playstation 2
JP: January 26, 2006
NA: August 20, 2006
EU: November 11, 2006