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The old land of Hyrule was once created by the three goddesses; Din, goddess of power, Nayru, goddess of wisdom and Farore, goddess of Courage. When this world was created the goddesses returned to heaven, but before they departed they left behind the legendary Triforce, a golden emblem formed as three triangles which is said to hold great power. Whoever touches the Triforce will see his highest wishes come true. To protect this power and prevent evil forces to get their hands on it, the old sages hid it in the Sacred Realm.

For a long while Hyrule have been a peaceful place to live, but when the sorcerer Agahnim appears, strange things start to happen, and soon even the Princess Zelda is kidnapped. But as the people of Hyrule are unaware of this crime, the little boy Link and his uncle are the only ones that know of the kidnapping. One night Link, who lives with his uncle in a little house near town, wakes up because of a girl's voice in his head. The voice tells him that it belongs to Zelda and that she is captured in the basement of the castle. Confused Link discovers that his uncle is not at home, and he sets out in the night to see if he can find his uncle and the princess. Soon Link is captured in a huge adventure to save the princess and the world from the evil Agahnim and it becomes a dangerous journey across two parallel worlds of light and dark.

JP: November 21, 1991
NA: April 13, 1992
EU: September 24, 1992
JP: March 14, 2003
NA: December 2, 2002
EU: March 28, 2003
Virtual Console
JP: December 2, 2006
NA: January 22, 2007
EU: March 23, 2007