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The old land of Hyrule was once created by the three goddesses; Din, goddess of power, Nayru, goddess of wisdom and Farore, goddess of Courage. When this world was created the goddesses returned to heaven, but before they departed they left behind the legendary Triforce, a golden emblem formed as three triangles which is said to hold great power. Whoever touches the Triforce will see his highest wishes come true. To protect this power and prevent evil forces to get their hands on it, the old sages hid it in the Sacred Realm.

Skyward Sword begins on an island flying high above the clouds, placed there by the goddess Hylia long ago to protect humanity from the evils roaming the earth far below. On this island lives Link, who is a student at the Knight Academy where he study to become a protector of the people living on the island. Link, like everyone else on the island, owns a Loftwing to ride across the sky.

When the story begins it is the day of the Wing Ceremony in which Link is competing. Unsurprisingly Link wins the contest, and is given the reward by his childhood friend, Zelda. Later on, when Link and Zelda is out on a flight together, a tornado appears abruptly and throws them both off their loftwings, Link falls unconcious and Zelda falls down to the world below the clouds.
When Link wakes up later back on the island, he meets on a mysterious blue creature, Fi, that leads him to the statue of the goddess and shows him a hidden passage into the statue. Once inside, Fi informs him that he is the chosen one to complete the goddess' task and asks him to take the Goddess Sword that is there. Once Link has gathered all that he needs in order to go to the world below, he heads down both to find Zelda and to find out more about his new task.

JP: November 23, 2011
NA: November 20, 2011
EU: November 18, 2011
AUS: November 24, 2011