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The old land of Hyrule was once created by the three goddesses; Din, goddess of power, Nayru, goddess of wisdom and Farore, goddess of Courage. When this world was created the goddesses returned to heaven, but before they departed they left behind the legendary Triforce, a golden emblem formed as three triangles which is said to hold great power. Whoever touches the Triforce will see his highest wishes come true. To protect this power and prevent evil forces to get their hands on it, the old sages hid it in the Sacred Realm.

The Wind Waker's story occurs a long time after the happenings of the Ocarina of Time. All of Hyrule has sunk to the bottom of the sea as a last resort by the Goddesses in order to stop Ganondorf and his minions. The people remaining now lives on small islands that once were the mountain tops of Hyrule, and the old legends are slowly fading. Only one island in the far south still has rituals connected to the legends. This ritual being that when young boys reach a certain age they are given green clothes similar to what the hero of the legends wore and are taught sword fighting.

This game begins on Link's birthday when he has reached this specific age, and whilst out with his sister they witness a huge bird carrying a girl into the forest of the island. Link ventures into the forest to rescue the girl, and as he and the girl gets back out the bird choses Aryll as its next prey, kidnapping her. Link gets help from the girl he rescued, as she show up to be the captain of a pirate ship, and together they sail to rescue Aryll. Something that leads to greater events and surprises.

Game Cube
JP: December 13, 2002
NA: March 24, 2003
EU: May 2, 2003
AUS: May 7, 2003